Refugee Collaboration Committee Indianapolis Working together for refugees

Refugee Collaboration Committee Indianapolis

Refugee Resettlement Programs

Catholic Charities Indianapolis
Gabrielle Campo (Director)
Tim Winn (Program Assistant) –
Initial Resettlement. Responsibilities include appropriate housing and furnishing, transportation from airport and orientations, initial health screening, Welfare appointment, Social security appointment, ENL referral, school enrollment, other referrals.
Match Grant. Alternative to Welfare, this program give additional financial and educational assistance working toward employment.  This is includes ENL, employment classes, driver’s education classes, financial literacy classes.
Job placement. Services include job development and placement, educational and certification training, ENL instruction and coordination of transportation.
School Social Worker

Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc.

Jessica Kroymann, Volunteer coordinator working to engage the community through volunteerism and promoting a welcoming community to refugee newcomers.

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RCC Goals
Place an essential focus on communication among all. Work together with and for the refugee populations. Create goals and work together to achieve them. Speak our truth. Expect and accept non-closure.